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Does the true revolution start in Brazil?


Have you seen this pattern lately? People take the street in protest with no specified leaders in demonstrations against their rulers, all grievances and opposition movements become gelled into an amorphous angry mess, pressure is put on the government to step down. When they do the chaos continues until someone strong with pro-western/American credentials steps in to restore the order.

This happened in less subtle ways in Iraq and Afghanistan, but they got smarter and tried to bring regime change via stirring the masses through social media. With this came the successes of Tunisia and Lybia, now Egypt and perhaps Turkey and of course the tragedy of Syria, not to mention the several attempts to overthrow the Venezuelan government.

In Brazil they tried, but after  the country discovered that the CIA had been spying on several Brazilian public figures and that Uncle Sam had also been interfering in the country’s internal affairs, it looks as if this plan is doomed. Now Brazilians are starting to ask themselves who could be behind the Anonymous mask .

This is a very natural question. How can protests be so well coordinated across the country and indeed around the world in countries that have the common feature of not being not subservient enough to the “world order”? Whoever has a blog knows how hard it is to get oneself noticed online is difficult enough, what could be said about the resources needed to ignite popular and “spontaneous” uprisings using the internet? Not only funding is needed but also powerful brains.

Social media is around to amuse people, to allow them to connect with friends and other leisure activities, it takes a touch of genius to transform such platforms into powerful political instruments, but there is someone out there doing this. Why? What is the agenda? Who is this person? Why should he be anonymous? Is this the answer to the Extremist Muslim on-line Jihad and is there any connection/inspiration?

So many questions, so very few answers. Most Brazilian people have not fallen for the Anonymous ploy, and when such things happen new perspectives and fresh routes open themselves not only for Brazilians but for the world at large. May this shift happen now!!

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4 thoughts on “Does the true revolution start in Brazil?

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  2. arnaldo on said:

    A compelling argument, not sure if a valid one, though. Brazil is a lot more amenable to this “world order” you mention than other countries—countries which pose a much bigger threat to American interests or hegemony—such as China, Russia, Iran, or N Korea, for instance. And we don’t see any mass movements on those. Because they’re ruled with an iron fist, perhaps? Yes, but so are some of the countries you mention above. And that didn’t stop people from taking to the streets and deposing dictatorships. Brazil as a whole is very cozy with international corporate capitalism, imo.

    • I am not sure if I could agree to that. If you have ever been involved with international commerce with Brazil you will know how protective the laws are and how closed the market is when compared to others. Also there is the fact that China is now the biggest commercial partner of Brazil and that the two PT administrations have showed themselves more independent and self assertive than any other Brazilian government.

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