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Get to Know a Brazilian – Clarice Lispector

The great Carisse Lispector

Americas South and North

This week, Get to Know a Brazilian takes a look at Clarice Lispector, a unique voice in  Brazilian literature with an ineffable style.

Clarice Lispector, was born Chaia Pinkhasnova Lispector to a Jewish family in the Ukraine. Facing Antisemitic persecution during the Russian Civil War, her family relocated to Brazil, where relatives of her mother lived, when Lispector was just an infant. Upon arriving in Brazil, the entire family changed their names to sound more Brazilian, and so “Chaia” became “Clarice.” The family settled in the Brazilian northeast, where Lispector’s mother died when Clarice was just short of 10 years old. In an attempt to find better job opportunities, her father relocated the family to Rio de Janeiro, then the capital of Brazil. There, Lispector’s abilities became apparent, and she entered the prestigious National Law School (although the Law School itself was founded in the 1880s, it had recently become…

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