Lost Sambista

A Brazil never seen.

A bit exaggerated but not entirely untrue article about the state of some Favelas
in Rio


Parallel Worlds

[words and photograph © Mark Eveleigh]

Bandit country. Apache territory. The Red Zone. All too often the press is responsible for labelling places as ‘dangers zones’ with little reason. I was in Sudan within a few days of president al-Bashir rise to notoriety as an internationally recognized war criminal: according to international media Khartoum was in a state of rioting and anarchy. I was amazed to find myself in what I still say is the safest city I have ever been in. A similar situation on arrival in tranquil Bali just a month after the first bomb and in hospitable southern Algeria during bombing in Algiers. All hype aside, here are a few places that could genuinely have features on any list of the world’s most unpredictable hotspots.

Over the next few days we’ll bring you stories from ganglands. Be warned they might not be what you expect…

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