Lost Sambista

A Brazil never seen.

Samba as a soul healer. The reason for the title “Lost Samba”

This morning, after seeing the video above my American cousin posted the following on Lost Samba’s facebook page:

“Marvilhoso! Old school Samba’s like cardiac medicine!”

and then:

“Richard, the old school samba makes me cry and so happy at the same time. What’s up with that? I had a samba quartet at my wedding, and they were so great that my wedding remains one of the happiest days of my life even though the marriage couldn’t last.”

Those words struck deep and made me think about the power of music. My answer was:

“Stuart, when true samba “takes off” there is nothing like it. There is no technology, music video or millions of dollars invested that can replicate the magic. This is what music is all about; there is a tribal/”Xamanic” side to it that is being lost not only in Samba but in every other genre, hence the title Lost Samba.”

Before this dialogue I had never managed to verbalize the reason for choosing this title. Now it is clear: everyone is born in contact with the harmonious music of the universe playing inside them, but the problems of life, of social relations and of history caused by the imperfections inherent to human beings make the rhythm become chaotic. The result is that they lose their Samba.

Moments like the one in the video above make that beat come back to us, they show us how things should be, they remind us of  how people are marvelous, independent of their race, social background, age or country of origin.

This is what Brazil is (or should be) about, diverse people coming together to celebrate life. Lets find the Samba!

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5 thoughts on “Samba as a soul healer. The reason for the title “Lost Samba”

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  2. Monica Costa on said:

    Wow!… well said! I believe that you explained it to the tea! I am an Afro-Brazilian-American and what you said describe exactly what I feel… I am 44 years old and when I think of the samba of my childhood is like fiding myself again… yes music is what help us connect to the universe that we do not see with our eyes and can only feel in your soul through music! It takes me back to an innocent time of laughter, my parents in the favela so happy… that you would think they did not know they were poor and descriminated! Some community party that was awesome… so many great poets among all those simple people… some many beautiful smiles… and games, food, dancing and running around! After coming to the US, I many times questioned: “…what is wrong with us, with my people? Can’t they see they are still being exploited with this whole carnaval industry? Why don’t we rebel against it and boycott it… and lets see how many millions/billions of dollars the hotels, restaurants and the city will make… they don’t invest back on us or our communities any way!…” and I still think it should be done! 🙂 but than I remember that once you are inside… it’s not that simple… samba for us is a matter of pride, and like you said, it’s a healing balm to our wounded soul! I still have faith that something will happen and we, Afro-Brazilians, will understand we can change for the better… and rise and still keep our smiles, our samba and gain dignity!

  3. Beautiful words Monica, thank you.

  4. OH Samba! So joyous, soulful, and yes, it makes me cry too. It fills your heart!!

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