Lost Sambista

A Brazil never seen.

The Beagle Project

On the 25th of April, Darwin began to move his equipment from the Beagle to his temporary house on Botafogo Bay (which he spelled Botofogo).  On his very first day in Rio (before the Macaé expedition) Darwin had already arranged temporary lodging noting:

“At Botofogo Earl & myself found a most delightful house which will afford us most excellent lodgings” (Apr 5)

It would be in this home, that Darwin (along with Augustus Earl, Fuegia Basket, Philip Gidley King and the sergeant of the ship’s marines (named Beareley?)) would spend most if not all of the next two months, while the Beagle continued it’s survey work.

Botafogo Bay is a small (and beautiful) bay near the entrance of the much larger Guanabara Bay. Botafogo Bay is surrounded by Rio to the northwest, Botafogo beach and Corcovado Mountain (where the famous Christ the Redeemer Statue is located) to the west…

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