Lost Sambista

A Brazil never seen.

A bit about Lost Samba

– I have dreamed of being in the business of creation since I decided to be a film director at age of 12. Circumstances that are described in Lost Samba determined that things did not turn out as wished and now I have been working in the Visual Effects industry for almost twenty years despite a degree in Economics.
The writing of this book began in 2008 when I was living, out of all places, in Jerusalem in a flat rented from a writer, a right-wing american christian Zionist one. With a view to the Old City I thought that if such a despicable guy (I understand Jewish Zionism to a degree but Christian Zionism??) could make it I also could. It was a long journey and despite the initial underestimation I believe to have learned how to write and to have come up with something good.
I also believe that I have a great and unusual story to tell – the one of a person with my background growing up in Rio de Janeiro and living as an authentic Brazilian; mixing to different worlds – and can only hope that you will agree.
Apart from the above I think that the only other facts worth while mentioning are my literary preferences/influences: Amos Oz, Cervantes, Jack Kerouack and Salman Rushdie; that I have lived in several places: Paris, Glasgow, Lisbon, Los Angeles, Kerala/India, Rio de Janeiro, Jerusalem, Sao Paulo and now London; and that I have 400.000 hits on YouTube as a musician.

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5 thoughts on “A bit about Lost Samba

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  2. giovanapc on said:

    A sua vida parece ter sido, no minimo, interessante! Viajar eh definitivamente uma das melhores coisas que existem…

  3. Interessante pode ser que seja, mas o que eu levei dela ate agora foi so experiencia :-). No meu tempo sair do Brasil era uma opcao para a sobrevivencia. Como tinha um passaporte Britanico, fui a luta. Se valeu a pena? nao sei…

  4. I am curious and looking forward to read more, and of course will look for you on youtube! Best of luck! Blessings! 🙂

  5. Many thanks Star, look for rkderj on Youtube and http://www.lostsamba.com to know more about the book.

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