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Carmen Miranda – the Precussor

This is one of the greatest highlights of Brazilian music of all times, the legendary Carmen Miranda singing one of the most famous songs of one of Brazil’s best song writers ever: Dorival Caymmi.

Legend says that she went to the US as part of the “good neighbour” policy; a way to approach the two countries during the second world war and bring Brazil to the Allies’ side.

Regardless, Carmen Miranda, was a huge success in the US and world wide; as big as Madonna at her peak, so much so that her audiences kept Columbia pictures from going under for years.

Her smiles contributed for Brazil’s image as a happy country, blessed by beauty and peace, a view that precailed until the crisis of the eighties, when Brazil started being seen as a problematic country plagued by violence, adminitrative ineptitude and corruption.

Now after Brazil has left the economic nightmare of the 80′s behind, is dealing with its social problems, and is developing fast and as it enters the BRICS, hosts both the FIFA World cup and the Olimpics in 2016, the world view is changing once again into a more positive light.

The charm of Carmen Miranda, however, is eternal!

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One thought on “Carmen Miranda – the Precussor

  1. Julia P. on said:

    Carmem IS great! I love her.

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