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Asdrubal Trouxe o Trombone

The “Asdrubal Trouxe o Trombone” (Azdrubal Brought the Trombone) was an alternative theatre group that changed everything in the Brazilian cultural scene in the seventies by breaking away from the left wing etiquete. Influenced by Monty Python, they were the voice of a new generation; a cultural version of the surfers and the rockers. Their play “Trate-me Leao” (Treat Me Lion) toured the country and was a tremendous success; it concentrated on the everyday experiences of urban kids like us who were in search of friendship, love and adventure and who had no intention of following in Che Guevara’s steps.

They were from Rio and their influence is hard to estimate, Regina Case, Luis Fernando Guimaraes, Hamilton Vaz Pereira and Evandro Mesquita among others were to become major stars in Brazilian comedy. They were also to launch the Circo Voador (Flying Circus) the first 80’s rock venue in Rio that would set the tone for brazilian music in the eighties.

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One thought on “Asdrubal Trouxe o Trombone

  1. …since i already am crazy about Brasilian music, i love hearing its history!

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